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Removal & Care Instructions


Face Paint Removal

1. Apply a mild soap or baby shampoo.

2. Lather gently with fingers.

3. Rinse with warm water using a dark wash cloth.

4. If color remains, gently remove with baby oil or moisturizer on a cotton pad.

5. Avoid scrubbing; scrubbing can irritate sensitive faces.

Glitter Tattoo Care

1. Your Glitter Tattoo is FDA approved, toxic free and cosmetic safe for the skin.

2. It should last 3-10 days depending on your skin type, where placed and maintenance.

3. Your glitter tattoo is waterproof. However, it may become weak when subjected to prolonged time in water (swimming or bathing) so after such activities, pat tthe area dry, don’t scrub with a towel. Friction shortens the lifespan of your tattoo.

4. To make your tattoo last longer do not apply alcohol, oil or lotion on, or in the area of your glitter tattoo.

5. To remove your glitter tattoo, simply use alcohol swabs, or any lotion or oil based product, and friction.


Henna Aftercare

1. The henna paste dries in about 40 minutes. Leave paste on at LEAST 8 hours for a longer lasting design.

2. * During the first 24 hours, the henna can transfer to other parts of your body or fabrics. Wear a mitten or sock during the first night to protect and enhance the design and prevent stain transfer.

3. If you wish to wash paste off within first 24 hours, use a little lemon juice or olive oil - NOT water - which will reduce oxidation of design.

4. The next morning, peel paste off with fingers (olive oil will help) revealing the orange design. During next 48 hours, color should deepen into a rich red-brown.

5. * Avoid contact with water during first 24 hours after paste removal; water will reduce the darkening process. When bathing, rub a NATURAL oil like olive or coconut oil on to protect design from water.

6. To remove henna, GENTLY exfoliate skin with soap and water, using a loofah, pumic stone or exfoliating scrub.





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